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A Homeowner's Questions

Every homeowner has similar concerns and questions related to maintaining their home. The following questions are those that all homeowners ask themselves:

  • “How do things in my house work?”

  • “How do I maintain them?”

  • “What does a real problem look like?”

  • “How should it be corrected?”

The answers to these questions are in this blog. This blog will guide you through the systems and components of a typical house, how they work, and how to maintain them. You will also learn about what common house problems look like and how they can be corrected.

The main systems of a residential building include the following:

  • roof;

  • exterior;

  • basement, foundation, crawlspace, and structure;

  • heating;

  • cooling;

  • plumbing;

  • electrical;

  • fireplace;

  • attic, insulation, and ventilation;

  • doors, windows, and interior.

By reading this blog, you will learn what is required to be inspected during a home inspection, including all of the systems and certain components within those systems.

Not everything is inspected during a home inspection. And not every defect (or house problem) will be discovered during an inspection. That's an impossible task for anyone, not just professional home inspectors. It's not possible to find every problem that exists or could exist by performing a home inspection, because many house systems and components are simply hidden, covered up, and not visible.

Most homes do not have major defects, but some do. And that's the main reason to get a home inspection. And in this blog, we will learn a lot about what problems in a home look like, how to find them, and how to repair them.

Next, let's talk a little about real estate agents.

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